Sensations Twirlers

Sensations Twirlers
Directed by: Joanne Gerardi
Assisted by: Maria Gerardi Locher

Competing in the Baton Independent A - Baton classification.

Show: Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)

Day of the dead is about celebrating the lives of the deceased.

Sensations Twirlers Accolades
The Sensations and their twirlers hold numerous local, international and national awards and titles earned through various competitive circuits such as Twirling Unlimited, NBTA and Tournament Indoor Association.  They have performed in various celebrations, parades and competitions across the eastern seaboard and including Disneyworld Florida.   

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Sensations Twirlers Registered Events

KiskiFeb 15, 2020

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Kiski 58.70 1 IA Feb 15, 2020
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