Pittsburgh Samba Group

Pittsburgh Samba Group

Allison Park, PA

Directed by: Luciana Brussi (POC: Kathleen Fischerkeller)

Competing in the Independent A - Dance classification.

Show: Celebrating Brazilian Samba

Today?s presentation consists of a small group performance to song Mineira, followed by a solo performance by Cindy Jackson (a Golden Triangle?s alumni) to song Samba Vocalizado, and will conclude with a high energy team freestyle dance to Life in Rio.The Pittsburgh Samba Group takes pride in sharing the vibrant Brazilian and Latino cultures with our audience, leaving a lasting impression and creating a truly immersive experience. We are passionate about delivering top-notch performances that showcase the professionalism and artistry of the Pittsburgh Samba Group. Our extensive collection of more than 10 Samba/Latin costumes adds an extra layer of authenticity and visual appeal to our shows. We rehearse at Lua Dance Club Studio in Allison Park. Come join us!

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Golden TrianglesMar 9, 2024
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