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2024 Registration


Before you can register your unit you must create an account on TRWEA.ORG. You can do so by simply filling out the form on the New User Registration page. Once you have filled out the form, you will receive an email with a link. Click this link and your account will be verified on TRWEA.ORG. Be sure to check your spam folder for this email confirmation. 

Now that you have registered on TRWEA.ORG, you can begin the unit registration process. To do so, log in using the email and password combination you created when registering for the site and click the "My Account" button. This will take you to the TRWEA Members Area. In this area you'll find information only available to registered TRWEA.ORG members including circuit resources, contest information, recaps and more. This is also where you'll manage your unit(s). 


If you are registering a unit that competed in TRWEA in a previous season (even if only for one show) you can save yourself some typing in this year's registration. First, log in to the site. Once have done that you'll see a blue button that says "Register a New / Existing Unit". Click this button and on the first page you can select your unit type (full member, exhibition, guest, etc). You'll also notice options for either NEW or RETURNING. As you are receiving this email all of your units from last year will be RETURNING units. If you select this option at the top of the following page a drop down box will display all of the units from last season. Select your unit and then select the "update" button. This will repopulate all of your registration information from the previous season so you won't have to retype it. If you are a new director for an existing unit none of the unit director's personal information will be displayed to you but please be sure to register as an existing unit to keep last season's scores, photos, etc.

The first tab displays your user settings, the name you registered under and the email you used. It also allows you to update your email and/or password. Below that you'll see "Registered Units". Initially you'll have a message letting you know that you have no registered units. You'll also see a blue button that reads "Register a New Unit". Click this button to register your unit. From there just complete the forms and your group will be registered for TRWEA!

A few things to be aware of as you register. 

  1. The first page of the form you select your unit type (guard, percussion, baton or dance). Then there are 2 check boxes. Be sure to check the appropriate boxes or your invoice will not reflect the correct payment information. 
  2. The second page of the registration form is where you'll enter contact information for your unit. Though not all of the fields are required it is strongly suggested that you fill out as much information as you can. 
  3. The email address and secondary email addresses are the only ones that will receive circuit correspondence from TRWEA so please choose the appropriate members for these areas. As stated in the TRWEA user agreement, you are responsible for communicating any circuit information to your staff, booster organizations and others.
  4. There are 10 fields for staff passes. These will be printed before the start of the season so complete them as you see fit. If you aren't sure or the staff member may change from week to week simply write STAFF. 

Just complete the form, check the box to accept the TRWEA terms of use and you're all set to register your unit for the 2024 season.